Annual Sale

Bull & Replacement Female Sale
November 9, 2019 / 11AM (CST)
Ranburne, AL

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Early July Update...
Well for starters, it has been hot, really hot, but thank goodness we have been blessed with adequate moisture and as you can see in the photos, the grass in our bull development pastures looks really good. All of our heifer development pastures look about the same, so our bulls and heifers have had good grazing so far this summer. If we can just continue getting a little rain weekly, we may have a much better than normal summer season.

Our heifer calves were weaned this year on April 10. They spent a few days in the pipe pens at our sale facility, then went through our training process of getting turned out in grass lots during the day & returning to the pipe pens for feeding at night. As soon as they were fully weaned, we culled a few, the remaining 340 were sorted into 10 groups by sire, hauled just down the road to our heifer development farm, and turned out into 10 pastures for the summer. Since that time, they have been worked through the chute to get booster vaccination and to get their signature “GF” Gibbs Farms brand on their right front shoulder.

Our bull calves were weaned on April 22 and followed the same system as the heifers, first spending a few days in the pipe pens, then going through the training process of grazing the grass lots during the day and back into the pipe pens for feeding at night. The first week in May we made a few culls and the remaining 354 bull calves were sorted into sire groups and turned into seven of our bull development pastures to spend a few weeks of adjusting and acclimating. The last week in May, Gordon & Bradley spent 3 days evaluating every bull calf, one at a time, making the final selection of 218 bull calves to develop for sale in 2019. The selected 218 bull calves were then turned out into nine bull development pastures where they will remain until sold this fall. The remaining 136 bull calves promptly became steers and began the pre-conditioning process for their trip to the feedlot in central Kansas where we will retain ownership until harvest and get all carcass data back for reporting into the IGS Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation.
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