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2018 Sale bull Sneak Peek for july 23...

Today’s 2018 Sale bull sneak peek will be a Purebred Simmental bull sired by CCR WIDE RANGE 9005A and a  SimAngus bull sired by K C F BENNETT FORTRESS, both from the same cow family, making this a very special mother/daughter genetic offering.

ASA 3404807

We feel 7382E is the most powerful, most complete Purebred Simmental bull ever produced at Gibbs Farms. His low birth weight of 67 lbs. had a ratio of 113 and his 840 lb. adjusted WW had a ratio of 117, ranking him #1 out of 16 in his contemporary group. Clink on the link below to view his current EPD’s and extended pedigree. Sired by CCR WIDE RANGE 9005A, he was born 9-21-2017 as the natural calf out of our featured Purebred Simmental donor, SSF BLK LOUISE Y534, a total outcross pedigree cow that does not have any Legacy or Shear Force in her pedigree. This very high producing and unique pedigree cow has produced 5 natural calves with the following average progeny rations, BW @ 110, WW @ 109, YW @ 106, IMF @ 114, and REA @ 103. Her natural born son a year ago is GIBBS 6155D SUPER DUTY, the high selling outcross SimAngus bull from our 2017 Sale. This year’s sale will also feature four Purebred Simmental embryo brothers out of LOUISE sired by GIBBS 2654Z BULLET PROOF.

> CLICK HERE for pedigree on 7382E
ASA 3404342

7251E is one of those calves that has been special from the day he was born, demanding attention from everyone who has seen him. With an 826 lb. adjusted WW, ranking #2 in his contemporary group, he is out of a two year old daughter of GIBBS 2654Z BULLET PROOF and our outcross Purebred Simmental donor SSF BLK LOUISE Y534. His dam is a maternal sister to 7382E, the other Sneak Peek feature bull shown above, and she is also a full sister to four other Purebred Simmental bulls that will be selling this year. 7251E is sired by K C F BENNETT  FORTRESS, one of the most complete EPD Angus bulls at Select Sires and known for his slick hair and adaptability for Fescue country. In the IGS Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation this very special SimAngus herd sire prospect currently ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, ADG, MWW, and TI, along with a top 3% rank for API and top 20% for CE. Be sure to follow his progress through yearling data collection and look for him on sale day.

> CLICK HERE for pedigree on 7251E

The Value of Carcass Data...

Gibbs Farms and two neighboring customers, Baughn Farms and Lovvorn Farms recently shipped 5 loads of steers, almost 300 head of Gibbs genetics, to Cow Camp Ranch Feedlot in Ramona, Kansas for custom retained ownership feeding. At harvest, complete carcass data will be returned so that it can be submitted to the ASA for inclusion in the IGS Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation.  This will make the 12th year that Gibbs Farms has retained ownership in their steers at Cow Camp Feedlot. This data,
along with data from cooperating customers using Gibbs genetics, has contributed more than 2,000 actual carcass records to the American Simmental Association genetic evaluation. Also for the past 12 years, Gibbs Farms has been enrolling their herd sires in the ASA Carcass Merit Program, sampling as many sires through this third party program as any other breeder in the country.

The value of carcass data is extremely important to our customer’s bottom line and to overall industry profit. At Gibbs Farms, we take carcass data collection very seriously so that our customers can have the comfort of high accuracy carcass genetics when they use a Gibbs Farms owned herd sire.

2018 Sale bull Sneak Peek for july 23...

Today’s 2018 Sale bull sneak peek will be a SimAngus bull sired by CCR BOULDER 1339A and a Purebred Simmental bull sired by HOOKS BLUEPRINT 13B.

ASA 3404984

7014E is a homozygous black and homozygous polled SimAngus bull born 8-27-2017. He is one of three full embryo brothers sired by the ABS standout calving ease sire CCR BOULDER 1339A and our 1145Y donor cow who is a maternal sister to GIBBS 3133A MOUNTAINEER. His 7-10-2018 EPD’s ranked him in the top 2% of the breed for API and top 10% for TI. To view his complete pedigree and most current EPD’s, click the link below.

> CLICK HERE for pedigree on 7014E
ASA 3404764

7313E is last fall’s natural calf out of a young RCR STETSON T17 daughter that has now earned her way into the Gibbs Farms embryo donor pasture. She produced 11 good embryos that were implanted fresh back in December and has produced 38 more in two flushes this spring mated to KOCH BIG TIMBER 685D that were frozen. We will be making some of those embryos available by private treaty this fall. 7313E is a Purebred Simmental that is homozygous black and homozygous polled ranking in the top 2% of the breed for API and top 3% for TI in the 7-10-2018 ASA/IGS Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation run. Check out his complete pedigree and most current EPD’s by clicking on the link below.

> CLICK HERE for pedigree on 7313E

Bull Development Update For June 2018...

After selecting the top 194 bull calves out of a total of 346, they were sorted into 8 uniform groups by sire and genetic breed make-up and turned out in 8 of our bull development pastures.

More information and photos will be coming through the summer and fall, but for now, you can click on the link below to view an Excel file with some info on the 194 bulls that are beginning development for this fall’s sale. We will select the very best of these for our annual sale on November 10, 2018.

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