UPDATED 4-2-09

thank you...
From all of us here at GIBBS FARMS, we would like to thank our customers, friends, and neighbors for such a successful sale. It was quite humbling to watch the over-pouring support and demand for our genetics. All we want to do now is follow with great customer support.

Sale day was a beautiful fall sunny day and the crowd packed our sales arena, once again requiring us to roll up our big door and fill in chairs out into the parking lot. Our balcony area and the stairs leading up into the balcony were also full. We have a very large sales arena that holds approximately 500 people when full so once again, we had a very large crowd attending, probably in excess of 600 people total. Mrs. Gibbs and her crew worked hard providing food Thursday, Friday, and all day Saturday, so we sure hope everyone found plenty of good food while visiting.    

Below is a brief sale average and a full sale report will be posted in our menu bar above in a couple days. Bull prices were considerably higher than in the past with the high quality bulls demanding strong prices. We sold 8 bulls at or above $10,000, yet there were also 23 bulls that sold for $3,500 or less, so there were bulls available in all customer price ranges. The demand for the replacement females was also extremely strong and there simply were not enough females to go around, proving the great acceptance of SimAngus and Simmental females in today’s beef industry.

9th Annual Bull & Replacement Female Sale
November 8, 2014
Ranburne, Alabama


105    SimAngus Fall Yearling Bulls    $5,969
12    ¾ Simmental Fall Yearling Bulls    $5,083
36    Purebred Simmental Fall Yearling Bulls    $5,361

153  Total Fall Yearling Bulls Averaged  $5,757

1    Pick of the Cow Herd    $14,000

5    SimAngus Cow/Calf Pairs with fall calf    $5,800
17    SimAngus Bred Cows    $4,941
39    SimAngus Bred Heifers    $4,749
73    SimAngus Open Yearling Heifers    $3,401

2    ¾ Simmental Bred Cows    $3,625
7    ¾ Simmental Bred Heifers    $4,500
9    ¾ Simmental Open Yearling Heifers    $3,722

4    Purebred Simmental Cow/Calf Pairs with fall calf    $5,063
6    Purebred Simmental Bred Heifers    $4,250
15    Purebred Simmental Open Yearling Heifers    $3,387

2    Angus Cow/Calf Pairs with fall calf    $5,500
1    Angus Bred Cow    $5,500

181  Total Replacement Females Averaged  $4,120

334 TOTAL HEAD GROSSED $1,626,550

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