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9th Annual
Bull Replacement & Female Sale
11:00 AM CST | November 8, 2014 | Ranburne, Alabama

Selling over 325 Head

150 Fall Yearling Bulls
100 SimAngus & 50 Simmental
Developed in large pastures and supplemented a high roughage ground hay & commodity by-product ration, semen checked and ready for immediate work.

175 Replacement Females
140 SimAngus & 35 Simmental
• 10 specially selected young cows with fall calves at side
• 65 heavy bred females due to calve Dec. & Jan.
• 100 open fall yearlings, ready to breed

Special Feature . . .
Pick of the Cow Herd Any cow in the herd, none held back!


...brings mosquitos the size of small birds, flies that bite like hornets, temperatures near 100 degrees along with equal humidity, and don’t forget the fire ants. Thank goodness the good Lord has blessed us with ample rain this year and so far no damaging storms. Early season ryegrass was great with long lines of wrapped high moisture hay spread across the edges of fields and a great start to filling the hay barns from a bountiful first cutting of Bermuda grass.

Summertime at Gibbs Farms is spent focusing on hay production and early preparations for our annual fall sale. This year’s sale will feature 150 fall yearling SimAngus and Simmental bulls selected from a total of over 250 bull calves. Our bulls are developed in large pastures where much of their nutritional intake comes from grazing fescue and common Bermuda supplemented daily by a ration consisting of ground ryegrass hay, soyhull pellets, along with peanut and cotton by-products. No cereal grains are ever used at

Gibbs Farms while developing breeding stock. The replacement female offering this year will be highlighted by 75 hand-picked, high quality fall yearling heifers, selected from over 250 heifer calves. This year’s open fall yearling replacement heifer offering will surpass anything we have ever offered in the past. Also selling will be 75 bred replacement females that will be due to start calving the first of December. Rounding out of replacement female offering will be 25 young cows with fall baby calves at side.

Check back on our website often throughout the summer and fall for new photos of sale cattle and updated information pertaining to our 2014 Bull & Replacement Female Sale.

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