UPDATED 4-2-09

We weaned our 2017 fall born heifer calves on April 9 & 10. After a brief weaning period in our pipe pens at our main facility they were ready to move to our heifer development farm about a mile down the road. Some necessary culling was made at weaning, resulting in 338 heifers that were sorted into 10 pasture groups by sire and similar genetics. They will remain in the pastures at our heifer development farm all summer and fall. The pastures are predominantly Fescue with some common Bermuda grass, crabgrass, and clover mixed. The heifers will have free choice Gibbs Farms Summer Mineral and BC Calving & Rebreeding tubs, along with a small amount of heifer development ration 4-5 days a week that consist of soyhull pellets, peanut by-product pellets, cotton by-products, and ground hay. Same as with our bull development, no corn or any high starch cereal grain products are ever used in the development of our heifers.

Our 2017 born bull calves were weaned on April 23 & 24. Same as with our heifer calves, they spend a few days in the pipe pens at our main facility. We then sorted a total of 346 bull calves into uniform sire groups, and walked them down the long lane to our bull development pastures were they spent about a month of development time, then on May 30 & 31 we evaluated every bull calf closely, one at a time, selecting the very top 194 bull calves for this year’s bull development. Those 194 bull calves were sorted into uniform groups and will remain in our large bull development pastures right up until sale time this fall. They will have plenty grazing on the rolling hills as well as plenty exercise for proper development. They will be supplemented daily with the same bull developer ration that we used last year, consisting of soyhull pellets, peanut by-product pellets, cotton by-products, ground hay, and our custom developer premix for proper mineral balance and intake.

Go to our 2018 ANNUAL SALE page for more information on the bulls that are being developed for our 13th Annual Bull & Replacement Female Sale coming up on November 10, 2018

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